Given their frequent conversations with instructors, Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators often hear about the creative, innovative, and practical ways that instructors are using digital solutions to engage students and increase their success in their courses. We thought you might enjoy learning about some of these ideas for yourself!

Below, you’ll see how several of our Digital Solutions Coordinators’ responses to the question: “What innovative ideas have you heard from instructors that have helped them increase engagement in their classes?” Review the tips and discover some strategies that you might implement in your own course!

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Digital Solutions Coordinators tell all: How instructors like you use digital solutions to enhance student engagement and success

Jeanette Wilson Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“Instructors are more frequently putting their “Syllabus Quiz” online in a Cengage Learning digital product, and including information about their digital product course in the syllabus as well. This does a few things – it requires the students to register and access the digital product, has them engaging in the product early in the semester, and encourages them to learn about the product, which will ultimately keep them more engaged and help them throughout the term. If students learn about what their digital product has to offer them, they are more apt to use it, and the syllabus/intro quiz does a great job at educating the students on the tools available.”
—Jeanette Wilson
Ashley Pichlik Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“Many instructors are using some of the features in MindTap to really grab the students’ interest, including the Discussion Board LMS activities and videos from YouTube. I have also had a ton of positive feedback from both instructors AND students regarding the new Cerego app. This app has made a major impact in many classrooms this fall.”
—Ashley Pichlik
Michael Cottrell - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“I find that when instructors make our programs count toward a more significant amount of their grade, students are more willing to invest the time needed to get more engaged.”
—Michael Cottrell
Autumn Richards - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“One of the instructors that I work with uses MindTap in and out of class with his students. He posts lectures to his MindTap course and lectures from there, then opens an assignment and quizzes his students IN CLASS from there. I love that! For him, MindTap became much more than an online homework program, but an essential part of his class. He has told me before that his students seem to soak in a lot more knowledge by quizzing each other as a class and by having all the study apps available on MindTap. He really tailors MindTap to fit their needs and that’s such a great thing!”
—Autumn Richards
Dwight Raleigh Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“One of my professors would give extra credit throughout the semester based on how early a student would turn in their homework. They could accumulate extra credit points by working ahead and it became a driver for students to be involved in the content and prepared for lectures.”
—Dwight Raleigh
Melissa Haney - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“[Some instructors create] video blogs weekly in their MindTap course to engage the students and make it more personable in the distance learning classroom.”
—Melissa Haney
Sally Kerscher - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“1.) They make sure there are due dates on each assignment so that students have to do work each week. This way, students can’t wait until the end of the course to start doing all their homework. They keep up and become more involved in each week’s class.

2.) Bundles with textbooks as well as digital access codes get students enrolled in digital courses right away.

3.) All Access in MindTap courses makes sure that digital courses are paid up front and students are enrolled from the first week thru the last week of class. All Access is included in their tuition payment.”
—Sally Kerscher
Sarah Ginn - Cengage Learning Digital Solutions Coordinator“One of my Accounting instructors works the end-of-chapter problems during class with the students; she has them complete them live during class during her demonstrations. After class, their homework that night is to complete the algorithmic versions of the problems on their own. This gives the students the opportunity to practice live in class before completing the homework on their own.”
—Sarah Ginn


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