If you’re actively seeking to inspire your students to build their critical-thinking skills, you likely realize that having an array of dynamic, engaging activities and assignments at your disposal can help them dive into course concepts and hone their ability to think more critically in the process. However, it can often be a challenge to find and develop those ideas and activities—so the ability to glean new ideas from a colleague can be valuable.

As you watch today’s featured webinar,  you’ll be able to do just that! In “Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Using Technology to Reach Out to Different Learning Styles,” Trace Etienne-Gray of Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas) focuses on using technology and a variety of learning preferences to develop critical-thinking skills in liberal arts courses. You’ll receive a wealth of practical ideas that you can implement in your own online or on-campus classroom.


View the webinar, “Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Using Technology to Reach Out to Different Learning Styles.”


Keep the conversation  going! What are your strategies for engaging students in the process of critical thinking? How do you apply these strategies and concepts in your discipline or field of concentration? Discuss your suggestions in the comments.