Virtual Reality: Tools to Try in Your Class

person wearing virtual reality headset
Online Learning
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In her webinars on using virtual and mixed realities in higher ed, Corinne Hoisington shared ideas and tools to use these new technologies in your course.  Here are some links to explore to get you started with virtual reality.



  • Science: consider this 3D virtual view of the human body.

3D Organon Anatomy

  • Art & Design: let your students paint virtually in a 3D space.   

Tilt Brush by Google

  • Math: have students use a VR graphing calculator.


  • History & World Events: let students virtually experience the moon landing.

Apollo 11 VR

  • Psychology: See how VR can help patients with Alzheimer’s or Chronic Pain


  • World Languages: Learn a language by having real conversations with virtual characters.


A Virtual Campus Tour with Oculus Rift:


Learn more from Corinne.  View her webinars at your convenience through The Empowered Educator virtual event archives.