Liberty University student and visual learner calls MindTap for U.S. History a “game-changer” for reading and retaining course content.

Working full time and going to school is a challenge in itself, but studying walls of text at night can be a recipe for disaster. Fortunately for Lauren Bankole, Sophomore at Liberty University in Virginia, her professor for U.S. History is using MindTap. MindTap is an interactive learning platform that features a mobile-ready textbook, videos, quizzes and flashcards all available online or on a convenient mobile app. This type of interactive learning is perfect for someone like Lauren who is more successful and engaged with a dynamic learning experience.

“MindTap has been a game changer for me. I’m not only learning the material (and retaining it!) but also feeling engaged and interested in what I’m reading. MindTap is an unbelievably effective learning tool. For the first time, I’m enjoying studying.”

—Lauren Bankole, Student, Liberty University

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