Cengage Learning wanted to better understand what today’s Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology, and Medical Insurance Billing and Coding students need to better balance challenging work-life environments, the key skills needed to unlock their full potential, and the technology required to ensure future success in their chosen fields. In order to gather these insights, Cengage Learning conducted more than two dozen face-to-face and online group interviews with students at the Medical Assisting Advisory Board and from colleges and universities across the nation.

While extensive research has been done to understand what instructors need and employers desire from tomorrow’s professionals, this is the first time Cengage Learning has conducted its own research to better understand the skills and experiences students require to become more efficient, productive, and higher-quality future employees. Each of the students who participated was a full-time student and 44% had part-time jobs or other responsibilities such as child care.

Cengage Learning’s Marketing Team interviewed and surveyed a total of 57 students to more intimately understand the inspirations, challenges, and technological resources students need to become better future employees.

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