Cengage Learning has submitted a proposal for a session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. We’re aiming for a lively and informative presentation that brings students—the most important part of the equation—into the spotlight. Through the PanelPicker 2016 process, you can show your support for the idea. We’d appreciate your vote!

Our proposed session, “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” will seek to understand how technology’s increasingly important role in the classroom impacts students. By asking critical questions, the conversation will help uncover what students want and don’t want from digital and how to best integrate digital tools into the curriculum, ultimately resulting in higher engagement and better student outcomes.

Critical questions up for discussion may include:

  • How do we avoid using digital for digital’s sake?
  • What pain points do students face with tech-based learning?
  • How can we adapt to virtual learning while still encouraging personal interaction?
  • How does student feedback drive design and development of tools?

Panelists would include participants such as:

  • Zak Malamed, a student at the University of Maryland and Founder and Executive Director of Student Voice
  • Matthew Bilotti, Student and Global Officer & Student Investor at Northeastern University
  • Elana Golub, Student and Journalist at Northwestern University
  • JoAnna Zalkovsky, Student in the Nursing Program at Navarro College (Texas) and secretary of the college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter

Vote to See Cengage Learning at SXSWedu 2016!

In order to vote for Cengage Learning’s SXSWedu 2016 proposals, you must first register at the SXSW PanelPicker site. To do so:

  1. Create an account through the simple process.
  2. Verify your account via e-mail sent to your inbox.
  3. Click “PanelPicker.”
  4. Search for “Students Unfiltered Digital in the Classroom”
  5. Cast your vote! Click ‘Thumbs Up’ on the upper-righthand side of the webpage.

To easily find Cengage Learning’s proposal once you’ve created an account and logged in, you can also return to this post and click below:

STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom


Technology’s contribution to students’ college experience: Some current insights

Below, we’ve included a quick snapshot of the research we’ve conducted among students regarding the ways that technology contributes to college students’ learning experience. Does this data reflect your own students’ experience? Continue the conversation in the comments.

A Candid Conversation with Students: The Evolving Higher Education Landscape