We’re pleased to announce that Cengage Learning has submitted three proposals for sessions to take place at SXSWedu 2015. Each of the submissions represents a glimpse into the exciting and innovative work we’re doing to transform and inspire the learning experience through student engagement.

SXSW has invited the public to indicate its interest in various proposals via its PanelPicker site. We would appreciate your vote!

Cengage Learning’s Three Proposals for SXSWedu 2015

21 Voices: Understanding Students via Ethnography21 Voices: Understanding Students via Ethnography
To transform learning, we must first understand the student—not just how they learn but all aspects of their lives – their goals, their fears, their primary motivations. These insights don’t come from surveys or focus groups. They come from spending time with students in their world. Thus was born a first-of-its-kind ethnographic research project to follow 21 students—to observe their lives across the length of their college career. This session will share a first glimpse of the results.


Engaging Students with Personalized EdTechEngaging Students with Personalized EdTech
Technology is seen as a panacea for education. At Cengage Learning we believe engagement is the foundation of learning, and technology is one way to engage learners. However, educational technology has long-ignored a key player—the student—until recently. Learn about and see examples of the evolution in edtech to focus on the student and personalized learning, and hear how one student used technology to transform his life from to become an engaged, successful learner.


The H.S. Drop-Out Crisis - a National EpidemicThe H.S. Drop-Out Crisis – a National Epidemic
40-45 million people in the U.S do not have a high school diploma. Why should we care? Why is a diploma so important? What barriers exist? How can we work together to re-engage people in education to prepare them for success in the workforce? Hear from students who have succeeded despite challenges in going back to school and hear from partners who have changed lives by providing opportunities to re-engage adults in education—delivering the diploma (and career certificates) in a unique way.



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To easily find Cengage Learning’s proposals, return to this post and click on the links below:

21 Voices: Understanding Students via Ethnography


Engaging Students with Personalized EdTech


The H.S. Drop-Out Crisis – a National Epidemic