Learning Platform Drives Student Success in STEM Disciplines

WebAssign, from Cengage, was recently recognized as the winner of EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award in the Classroom Management Solution for Teachers category. The EdTech Digest awards program recognizes outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Monitoring Student Performance

Class Insights gives instructors a greater level of insight into performance and student pain points, enabling them to engage with their class based on individual and overall data. The analytical view of students’ progress helps instructors identify at-risk students early in the semester, as well as topics that the class as a whole may be struggling with. This heightened level of transparency helps instructors tailor class discussions, select topics for review and target students who need extra support.

“The quick ability to cull data from WebAssign allows me to spend valuable course time on topics of needed support, which are different for each course and student from semester to semester,” said Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology and Mathematics at Ohio University-Chillicothe. “Faculty can identify broad challenges experienced by a large percentage of students, or devise a targeted set of learning objectives for each individual to support concept mastery.”

To date, more than nine million students have used WebAssign to answer over two billion unique questions from homework assignments, tests and assessments related to the STEM disciplines. The digital learning solution supports students by providing a personalized, impactful learning experience that builds confidence and momentum towards the future students want. Learn more about the EdTech Digest Awards here.