Webinar: Get Your Students to Listen to Music and Not Just Hear It with MindTap
Facilitated by:
Jillian Borden, Marketing Manager, Cengage Learning
Date Recorded: 4/2/2015

Listen in on an interactive webinar on Music Appreciation in the modern classroom. We’ll explore MindTap, the online critical listening program designed to bring musical forms throughout history and cultures to life, all while seamlessly allowing you to integrate your own course materials into vetted instructional content. Please join us for this brief walkthrough and discussion about MindTap for Music Appreciation, now available for the new editions of The Essential Listening to Music, 2nd Edition by Craig Wright and Music Listening Today, 6th Edition by Charles Hoffer and Darrell Bailey.

The Essential Listening to Music

listening-to-musicCombining outstanding listening pedagogy with clear writing and cutting-edge digital resources, The Essential Listening to Music, 2e delivers a streamlined and succinct presentation of classical music that inspires a lifelong appreciation of music. Scholar and master-teacher Craig Wright focuses on the key concepts and works presented within a typical Music Appreciation course. Organized chronologically, the text discusses musical examples from each historical period within its social context–giving students a sense of a piece’s construction as well as its historical and cultural meaning. Students also can download music covered in the text directly to a music library. Fully integrated with MindTap, the Second Edition gives students the ultimate anytime, anywhere personalized learning experience–and provides instructors with gradable activities.

Music Listening Today

music-listening-todayBrief, approachable, and modular, best-selling Music Listening Today, 6th Edition delivers a complete course solution that develops students’ listening skills, providing a chronological framework that helps them understand and appreciate different styles, forms, and genres of music. The text takes students on a journey through the development of music, beginning with the elements of music and moving through the various style periods from the early Western period until the present day — using illustrative music selections and teaching students how to listen as they go. Jazz and film music receive special attention. Carefully chosen for their teachability, the musical selections cover a range of styles and include music students will easily recognize. With this edition, all musical selections are available online in streaming form in MindTap™ and as downloads (replacing the former CDs).

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