As a new term begins, you’re probably thinking “It sure would be nice to turn things up a notch …” However, who has the time to completely revamp everything? The good news is you do not have to! The secret to teaching in a way that drives students to feel more engaged and empowered in your courses is no longer under wraps. This interactive session has just what you need to up the ante on your role as a powerhouse in the classroom and make this year the best one ever.

Drive more student engagement and empower your students to make the most of their time with the great ideas you’ll glean from Welcome to the Best Year Ever! Teaching Secrets That Will Make Students Say “Wow!”, a free interactive webinar from TeamUP, Cengage Learning’s peer-to-peer faculty development group.

You’ll walk away with:
• Ideas you can use in your classroom right now; and
• Continuing Education credit earned from taking this workshop.

Got a busy week? No problem! You can choose your best time to attend this event.
• Date/Time: Aug 26, 2014 1:00-2:00 PM ET (US & Canada)
• Date/Time: Aug 28, 2014 3:00-4:00 PM ET (US & Canada)


About the Presenters:
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins is a published author, a former Texas A&M University System instructor, and a Senior Professional Educator with TeamUP at Cengage Learning.
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Robert Onorato
Robert Onorato, a Senior Professional Educator for TeamUP, teaches Marketing, Leadership, and Operations Management at Fordham University in New York.
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