The Cengage Learning Computing team wants to spark a conversation on social media, and we’d love to have your participation! Our Computing team is going to post one question a month to our Facebook page and to our Twitter page. We want it to be interactive, candid, and ongoing—but most importantly, fun!

We value your thoughts on all things Computing, and we know you do, too. To participate in our Facebook and Twitter conversations, post your answers to the following questions to our Facebook page!

  • What is the biggest change you’re implementing in your courses for 2016?
  • Why is choice important in computing courses? Or, when deciding on a digital solution for your course, why is having a choice pertinent to your success as an instructor?
  • If you’re attending, what are you looking forward to the most at the CLCC this year?

Lastly, we’ve included a small sign to help make this more fun! Print it out, write a word, a phrase, or draw a picture that summarizes your answer to a particular question, or represents your love of Computing, then take a selfie with the sign. Post it to our Facebook or Twitter pages with your corresponding answer! If you prefer to record a short video of yourself for each question, or just one, go ahead!

Check out the Cengage Learning Computing Facebook page and our Twitter page to see what we’ve been doing so far—our Cengage Learning Computing team has been getting in on the fun too!