With the many benefits to technology in the classroom, some instructors may still question how to go about using these advancements to increase student engagement. Whatever your choice, it’s clear that students benefit from digital technology in the classroom. In a recent survey by Cengage Learning of over one thousand students and instructors, 80% of college students say that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased their academic performance and 77% even say it has improved their engagement with their courses. Fewer than 1% reported it has decreased performance and engagement.

Despite this, 10% of instructors report that they still do not use any form of digital technology in or outside of their classroom, and at 77%, the largest majority of instructors report that the technology they do use is Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Does this sound familiar to you? Read Cengage Learning’s latest white paper, Transitioning to a More Digitally Focused Course Experience, for students’ take on the most effective uses of technology in their classes.

What are some of your students’ preferred methods of using technology to boost student engagement? Let us know in the comments below.

Transitioning to a More Digitally Focused Course Experience»Download the white paper, Making the Transition to a More Digitally Focused Learning Experience