What’s It Like to Attend an Empowered Educator Event?

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Our virtual Empowered Educator events are led by peers and subject matter experts, covering the latest research and popular topics that matter most to higher ed instructors. They’re designed to help you grow as an educator, stay ahead of the changes within the higher education realm, network with other faculty members and pick up some practical insights and tips.

For example, our February Empowered Educator conference, “Exploring GenAI in Higher Education,” included 18 highly engaging sessions that examined research, perspectives and ideas on the use of GenAI in higher education. The presenters equipped faculty with ways on how they could potentially use Generative Artificial Intelligence and innovative teaching strategies to impact student outcomes.

The purpose of our annual conference is to bring educators together to discuss learning trends and happenings, develop new teaching approaches, find more ways to engage students and connect with and learn from each other.

We followed up with attendees to get their thoughts on our most recent event. And they had a lot to say! If you haven’t attended an Empowered Educator event yet, here’s an inside preview, shared by instructors like you from all over the country.


Knowledge is power

“It was the most informative AI event that I have attended so far.” – Alaska

“Excellent event. It was a real blessing to have it open to everyone for free. I’ve been spreading the word about the goodness of Cengage as a company in offering this PD series for free. Great work!” – Texas

“The information shared was very relevant to teaching and connecting with students.” – Texas

Variety is the spice of life

“Variety of perspectives and insights, new ideas by excellent presenters.” – New York 

“There was a good mixture of webinars: some were at an introductory level while others were completely over my head! It was a mixture which created additional curiosity.” –  Anonymous

“Well organized, super engaging topics, well-prepared speakers, & lots of options!” – Texas 

In a nutshell

“It was very informative and easy to follow.” – Ohio

“Good up-to-date knowledge.” – California

“Well organized and informative.” – Alabama

Want to experience an Empowered Educator event for yourself?

If reading these comments has sparked your curiosity, or all the more, has you experiencing FOMO, good news! You can attend an upcoming Empowered Educator event or watch a past session.

Save the date for our Empowered Educator webinar, “Lessons From Sci-Fi: Teaching & Learning With GenAI,” April 25. You’ll learn about the technologies that led to the development of Generative AI and discover some lessons about AI for education offered by classic and contemporary science fiction books, films and television.

Plus, recordings of our events and webinars, including our “Exploring GenAI in Higher Education” conference, are available for free. You can check them out at your own pace.


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