In a recent survey on Engaging Minds, we asked readers: What do you believe is the #1 factor in student success?

Several instructors offered their insights; below, we’ve shared a number of their ideas.

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Motivation and relevance of the course material.
—Aymara Boggiano, University of North Texas
The ability to think critically is the main factor involved in student success.
—Dr. Phil Harris, University of Phoenix
Willingness to learn how to learn.
—Elizabeth McCarthy, Kirkwood Community College
Being connected with the course, the instructor and the other students in the class. Knowing that others may be depending on you to have a part of the project completed correctly or that the instructor has asked you to do a mini research project to share next class can really motivate students.
—James Ranney, Pima Community College, Tucson
Desire, perseverance and self-control are big factors in student success. I actually at times see students grow in maturity during the course, and this to me, shows another aspect of student success, which will also help them throughout the rest of their life.
—Toni Choy, Kapiolani Community College
Student engagement with the material however that is realized.
—Victor Okafor, Miami Dade College