If, as many say, we’re moving past the age of the “sage on the stage,” what’s the role of the instructor in today’s (physical or virtual) classroom? How can the instructor make use (and sense) of the wide variety of learning technologies and teaching strategies available? And, how can the instructor gain (or maintain) a dynamic, creative, collaborative, and—dare we say—playful learning environment for their students?

In his presentation “Education 3.0: My, Our Learning World is Changing!,” given during the Twentieth Annual Cengage Learning Computing Conference, held in March 2015, Curtis J. Bonk, professor at Indiana University, considers the role of instructors in today’s learning world. It’s an informative, fast-paced, and energetic session: watch the Microsoft Office Mix below!

During his presentation, Curtis J. Bonk addresses…

  • The meaning of Education 3.0: Educators as orchestrators of students producing, creating, synthesizing, and sharing knowledge
  • The history of distance and online learning: How did technology shape the delivery of these learning experiences, and what has the impact been on the way people choose to educate themselves?
  • Thirty ways learning is changing: It’s more ubiquitous, collaborative, video-based, self-directed, global, mobile…
  • His WE-ALL-LEARN framework: A list of ten forces that opened the online world
  • The role of the instructor in this open world of education: Do you see yourself as a counselor, course ambassador, curator, camping trip guide…?

As you watch, we’re sure you’ll be prompted to consider new ways to support and engage your students as they pursue their learning journeys. And throughout the presentation, Bonk mentions an abundance of research reports, articles, books, and other resources that will engage and inspire your own learning journey as an educator.

Watch Curtis J. Bonk’s presentation: Education 3.0: My, Our Learning World is Changing!”

Delivered Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at the Twentieth Annual Cengage Learning Computing Conference in Phoenix, Arizona

How do you view the role of the instructor in today’s learning world? What are your biggest takeaway points from Curtis J. Bonk’s presentation? Share your feedback in the comments!