Tom Downen Assistant Professor of Accounting & Steven Leerberg, Graduate Student (alumnus), Cameron School of Business, University of North Carolina Wilmington 

As more university courses include group work, the need for student peer evaluation (SPE) grows ever stronger. In fact, students seem to have developed an expectation for group work and for a requirement or opportunity to evaluate their peers. A variety of SPE tools are used, often with different attributes (point scales, elements of evaluation, etc.) These different SPE tools often have varying application in different courses and for different collaborative tasks.

This paper presents a brief summary of the literature on SPE and presents a tool that, we argue, provides a very efficient process for better balancing outcomes between strong and weak contributors to group work. This tool is primarily summative / evaluative in nature, which may be more fitting for accounting courses where time cannot be devoted to formative group work training. The specific processes for collecting and administering the peer evaluation data via this tool are discussed, and survey feedback from recent students who utilized this SPE tool are presented.

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