The latest generation of homework solutions and other course content from publishers is more flexible and tightly integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) environment than ever before, thanks to the IMS Global Consortium’s LTI standard — and the efforts of publishers and LMS vendors to extend the standard.

A new whitepaper, The New Rules of LMS Content Integration, explores this topic in detail. Here is an excerpt from the paper — a list of what to look for when reviewing offerings from publishers and LMS vendors:

  • Single sign-on: Instructors and class participants should not be required to go through two or more independent sign-on processes in order to access the LMS and publisher-provided materials.
  • Ability to customize all publisher-provided content: Direct access to publisher content and the flexibility to tailor the content to meet the specific needs of the course, including the ability to choose and re-order specific publisher-provided resources.  Look for a solution that operates seamlessly within the interface of the LMS.
  • Support across a wide variety of LMS environments: Look for publishers that have expressed commitment to provide the same – or a similar – user experience, across a wide variety of learning management systems.
  • A commitment to open standards: Look for publishers and LMS providers that are committed to supporting an open approach to the emerging industry-wide standards.
  • Strong partnerships between publishers and LMS vendors:  Look for partnership strategies that embrace multiple LMS vendors and joint promotions of the partnerships — in press releases and on each partner’s website.
  • Technical support: It’s important to ensure that the partnership does not end at the point of sale.  Look for evidence of shared ownership of customer satisfaction and rapid problem resolution.
  • Integration between the LMS gradebook and assignable content: This feature has the potential to save instructors the greatest amount of time throughout the course.  Look for the ability to assign specific activities – one at a time, all at once, or by topics and chapter — and to automatically pass grades for those assignments to the LMS gradebook.

Interested in reading more?  The entire whitepaper can be found here.

Post Author: jeanne.heston.