Are you using learning objectives to measure student achievement and success in your course?

Chances are, you do: In response to a recent survey by Cengage Learning, 96% of instructors are using learning objectives to define and measure the knowledge and skills that students should have as a result of participating in and completing their courses. This indicates that most institutions, and many instructors, value these measures of student learning as indicators of student achievement. And indeed, many institutions require instructors to report on learning outcome mastery at the end of each course, making accurate analysis of the utmost importance.

Even so, only 19% of surveyed instructors report that they use specific, time-saving tools to measure and analyze students’ achievement of these stated learning objectives.

What can be done to make the process simpler?

If you’re interested in learning more, or if you want to assist newer instructors in your department who are working through this process for the first time, download our paper, Defining Unique Learning Outcomes and Measuring Student Success, which offers a variety of insights and suggestions designed to support you in the process.

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