Guest contributor: Scott Rudeen, Ph.D.(ABD), MBA, MA, MSM  

When college students enter my criminal justice program, they are excited to begin their careers in law enforcement, corrections, community supervision, security and other Criminal Justice positions. Unfortunately, some of the students are not always prepared for how rigorous the program can be, which can affect their confidence and present many teaching challenges.

The solution that works for me and my students is MindTap, which helps bring the course to life! Within MindTap, I direct my students to the eBook and the dynamic visual summary, which provides a map showing how topics in each chapter are connected. Next, I direct them to use helpful online flashcards to help them study key terms. I have found that unfamiliar terminology can be mastered if students review the flashcards for even just a few minutes each week. My students use the flashcards and eBook on-the-go using the MindTap mobile app on their smartphone.

 Other hot MindTap apps

  • ReadSpeaker® reads the text aloud to students at various paces; this is fantastic for ESL students and auditory learners.
  • ConnectYard: Push live news links to students via text, e-mail, or social media (their choice). Students come to class buzzing about these stories, which serve as great discussion starters!
We push out current events, such as community policing efforts, national protests, social change events and other high profile media related items.  Students love receiving these current events and will usually respond quickly and with wonderful insight.
  •  Pathbrite: Help students build a lifelong ePortfolio demonstrating the range of projects you assign.
 These are some of the many reasons my students have become more engaged in the criminal justice program over the years. I encourage you to give MindTap a try. Invite your students to review MindTap to gather their thoughts and reactions!

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