College students have endless lists of responsibilities, tasks, interests, and activities — all on top of their school work. One way to make sure they’re getting the most out of their college experience is by streamlining class work and making it more engaging for students. But how do you make that happen?

Digital! Many students and instructors agree that digital learning tools can help both you and your students get engaged with their coursework.

Success in the classroom

We surveyed thousands of college students and instructors regarding the use of digital learning tools in the classroom. 74% percent of instructors report that the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has increased students’ academic performance, and 73% say it has improved students’ engagement with their courses. Less than 1% reported it has decreased performance or engagement significantly.

College students report similar educational benefits of using technology in the classroom:

  • 80% say the move towards implementing digital technologies in the classroom has subsequently increased their academic performance.
  • 77% say it has improved their engagement with their courses.

Students note the benefits of digital course content and solutions as well. In another recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, students reported that digital solutions promoted such benefits as:

  • Increased engagement with their courses
  • A greater desire (and ability) to stick with the material
  • The ability to see and track their progress in the course, every step of the way
  • Improvement in their academic performance

Getting started

Digital learning solutions allow you to incorporate additional digital assets from a variety of resources; seamlessly integrate digital materials such as Web links, videos, and PowerPoint®; incorporate school-specific content and branding; match the digital supplements to customized print products. And we want to help you get started!

Get started with hands-on, start-to-finish support—including online training and resources—by visiting and selecting a digital solution from the list.

For classrooms already enrolled with Cengage Learning’s digital products, visit CengageBrain’s Help With Digital page to get more out of your products with “how to” documentation and materials at your finger tips. Use these getting started materials to learn how to register, access and use your digital products.

Have you taken the plunge into the digital learning pool yet? Share your insights or questions in the comments below.

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