Well-defined learning outcomes help educators design their course and determine the best use of technology, improving student success. Our studies have shown that digital learning tools in the classroom result in improved learning outcomes for students.

This is because digital learning solutions make it easy for instructors to execute lesson plans and gather results in a format that drives desired outcomes.

Digital in the classroom

Within the past few years, advances in digital learning solutions have increased the options available to instructors. The challenge for instructors has evolved from simply incorporating a digital solution into their classroom into how to best leverage the myriad options available within the solution.

Research conducted by Cengage Learning shows that the biggest difference can come from weighting assignments within the digital solution as part of a course grade. Instructors across disciplines have reported higher levels of student engagement in course materials when at least 20% of their course grade is tied to their digital learning solution.

Assignments and due dates

You and your students all have multiple deadlines, assignments, events and due dates, for each and every class. Digital learning platforms like MindTap offer the customizable tools you need to stay on top of everything and for students to learn the way they learn best. Not only can you and your students keep track of assignments, due dates and classes, studies suggest they’ll even end up doing better overall.

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