Why I Do It: My Journey to Instructor and What Keeps Me Going

Today's Learner - Why We Do It
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Janet Mizrahi is a Continuing Lecturer in the UCSB Writing Program, where she has taught journalism, science writing, and business/professional writing since 1999. She also blogs for BizComBuzz.

Exactly 29 years after beginning my undergraduate career, I was thrilled to walk onto the University of California, Santa Barbara campus as an instructor. But I wasn’t just looking forward to teaching  bright undergraduates; I also felt a twinge of self-satisfied irony.

Prior to my start at UCSB, I had given up my dream of becoming an English professor when I learned that my graduate program at University of California, Los Angeles would not accept Spanish as one of two mastered languages needed to qualify for a PhD.

Disgusted by the bigoted policy—I’d read Don Quixote in the original and was fluent in the lyrical language—I instead pursued a career as a writer. It was that experience in the workplace that actually landed me the teaching position in UCSB’s Writing Program.

Twenty years later, as I plan for retirement, I can say that being a university instructor has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

Reflecting on a Fulfilling Career in Higher Education

Janet Mizrahi with her dog

Starting to teach in mid-life after working outside of academia gave me a different perspective. I believed then, and still do now, that passing along my knowledge as a professional writer could help my students be better prepared for their careers—a feeling that fueled my love of my job.

But I quickly found that I was a natural in the classroom. I just knew what to say. I knew how to act. I knew how to scaffold assignments. And I knew how to inspire because I was a believer in not only the power of education, but in the power of being able to make words say what the writer means to say.

Of course, I had a steep learning curve trying to fit into a Division I research Institution. But I lucked into a great group of colleagues and a department that is truly collegial.

I’ve experienced nothing but support as I’ve created six new writing courses, presented at many conferences and written three books. As a union-represented lecturer, I work under a strong contract that has protected me from being taken advantage of, unlike so many college instructors, who, like me, live low on the academic totem pole. The job security I enjoy has helped make coming to work a joy.

Driving onto one of two U.S. campuses on a beach hasn’t hurt, either.

Nevertheless, I know my time at UCSB is drawing to a close. I don’t feel the same level of kinship with my students as I once did, and I admit the endless grading of undergraduate writing causes a constant black cloud of disenchantment to hover around me.

Still, I know I’ve made a difference in thousands of students’ lives, and that is what has kept me going. It is also what will make it okay to for me leave.

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