Students in Medical Billing and Coding courses put in a great deal of time and effort in order to see the success they so desire. And what might help them succeed? If they’re like most students, they believe that they would perform better if their instructors used more technology.

If you’d like to support your students in this way, consider assigning a digital learning solution in your course. Students spend 50% more time working in MindTap if it counts for at least 20% of their grade.

Want to reinforce good study habits? We’ve seen that instructors who spend time using MindTap foster increased usage (and success!) among their students. Instructors who invest eight or more hours managing, modifying, and reviewing their MindTap course throughout the semester see their Medical Billing & Coding students investing an average of nearly an hour more per week working in the course. And, if these instructors customize the MindTap learning path for their course, they see approximately 70% more students spending an hour or more per week in the solution.

The more time students spend in MindTap, the greater their success! Medical Billing & Coding students who use MindTap at least three hours per week are twice as likely to receive a 90% average or better compared to students who spend less than an hour.

Medical Billing and Coding Students who spend three or more hours per week in MindTap see improved grades

Students in Medical Billing and Coding courses also benefit from tools that help them study and review the materials. MindTap has those tools… and, they’re shown to help students succeed. In Health Science/Nursing, students using MindTap’s Flashcard app more than ten times during the term are nearly twice as likely to get a 90% average or better.

We’re encouraged to see the results of what happens when instructors “make it count” by assigning MindTap in their courses!

Review the full study to learn more about the impact that MindTap can have on the students in your Medical Billing & Coding classes. You’ll also find tips for increasing student usage and utilizing the Progress App to track progress and identify needs.

Looking for the MindTap solution that’s right for your Health Care course? Review our list of available solutions.