7 of our Favorite Posts from Women in Higher Education

Women in Higher Education
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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing a recap of blog posts, studies and other content created by female educators, authors and faculty partners.

Check out the following posts—all created by women in higher education, all on a variety of topics, from first-generation students, to understanding fixed vs. growth mindsets.

Strategies for Supporting First Generation Students

Instructor Janet Mizrahi shares helpful tips and reminders to keep educators relevant and supportive—and it all starts with understanding the unique challenges first generation students often face.

The Secret(s) to Managing Challenging Students

Cengage faculty Partner and instructor in the Communication Studies Department at Ashland University, Shawn Orr offers tried-and-true advice for working with and fostering success in students who may be distracted, unprepared or dealing with other obstacles.

Celebrating Black History at My HBCU

Did you know that in 1976, President Gerald Ford officially acknowledged Black History Month? Christal E. Carmichael, Professor of Psychology at North Carolina Central University, an HBCU, reflects on the origins of the celebration, the lasting impact of Black Americans in higher ed and the importance of honoring this rich history all year long.

Fixed vs. Growth: A Mindset for Student Achievement

Based on research from Stanford psychologist Dr. Carol S. Dweck, this infographic defines and illustrates fixed vs. growth mindset. Learn how the differences between the two can affect a learner’s ability to overcome roadblocks.

Helping Students Who Lack Confidence

Selina Rahman, Department Chair of Business and Computer Technologies at College of the Mainland, discusses what to look for in students who might be struggling with confidence.

How to Break the Ice in Your New Course

Another engaging post from Shawn Orr; in this video, she shares tips for starting a class or semester off in a way that energizes students.

How to Manage the Tech Skill Gap Among Students

In this post, Janet Mizrahi explores the topic of technology—specifically how some students might not have the same digital know-how as their peers, or that research suggests. Her insights can help both students and instructors build their “technical toolkits.”

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