Tue Gaston is a librarian at Borupgaard Gymnasium, a college preparatory school in Ballerup, Denmark that prepares students for advanced academic study.

Tue was introduced to Gale databases when he began working at the library, which has a subscription to several In Context online knowledge portals (World History, Biography, Opposing Viewpoints, Global Issues, and Science) as well as the Literature Resource Center and Contemporary Authors: Contemporary Literary Criticism® Select. He quickly became an advocate for their use.

World History in Context in particular is front and center in many of his interactions with students. This online portal provides access to an overview of the most-studied events, periods, cultures, civilizations, religions, conflicts, wars, ideologies, cultural movements, people, and more — reaching back to the ancient world and forward to today’s headlines. Rare primary sources, reliable references, and multimedia content put world history into context for students as they complete their assignments.

In this success story, you’ll see how Gale’s powerful, easy-to-use search features help students develop information literacy as they access high-quality, credible resources through their online research. You’ll also learn how Tue’s students broaden their horizons and build critical thinking skills through exposure to World History in Context’s varied resources, including rare primary sources, multimedia content, news items, and more.

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