Listen to the Who Moved My Chalkboard: Adventures in Using EdTech to Your Advantage podcast series, and learn alongside TeamUP’s peer-to-peer faculty development experts. 

»Episode 1: Teaching with Technology: Get the Training You Need
Jennifer Hurd talks about how you can start teaching with technology in the classroom, even when your on-campus training resources are in limited supply. (4 min., 7 sec.)

»Episode 2: How to Use EdTech with Confidence
Greg Rivera describes ways to become more confident about using edtech in your classroom. (5 min., 3 sec.)

»Episode 3: Simple Ways Technology Can Maximize College Class Time
Rochelle Beatty discusses how easy it can be to add technology to your course—in a way that enables you to maximize your time with your students. (5 min., 4 sec.)

»Episode 4: Using EdTech to Build Meaningful Active Learning Experiences
Ann Wolf offers you some simple ways to use edtech and bring additional active learning opportunities to your course. (3 min., 44 sec.)

»Episode 5: Relevant and Intelligent Uses for EdTech in Your Classroom
Damon Givehand considers how the process of implementing new tech tools has helped him develop as an instructor while also benefiting students’ experience in his classes. (3 min., 18 sec.)

»Episode 6: Bridge the Digital Divide in Your Classroom: EdTech Tips
Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins shares edtech tips that can help you bridge the digital divide in your classes. (5 min., 5 sec.)

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