5 Tips on Implementing an Online Learning Platform

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

For an instructor accustomed to traditional teaching in the physical classroom setting, the idea of learning a new technology and implementing it effectively in their course can feel overwhelming. But while the transition may feel like a challenge, many have been pleasantly surprised with the capabilities of online learning platforms to engage students and make instructors’ lives easier.

If you’re thinking about making the jump to digital, Instructor Donna Sue Shellman of Gaston College has five tips to help you make the adjustment with minimal stress and maximal results. After 15 years of teaching with the same textbook, Professor Shellman decided to integrate MindTap with her Blackboard Learning Management System. She now uses the online learning platform in all her courses and says that the support she received from Cengage made it simple to get the most out of the features available in MindTap.

Read Professor Shellman’s five tips for implementing online learning as a first-timer and find out how easy it could be for you to go digital!