College Success and Career Tips for Students: Free Resources from Cengage Unlimited

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With many campuses closed and classes moved online, students are now adapting to a new era of social distancing and remote learning. But it can be difficult trying to stay productive when your bedroom is your classroom, or to stay fit when you no longer have access to the campus gym. To help, we’ve pulled together some college success and career tips from the resources in Cengage Unlimited. Whether you’re trying to stay on track academically, stay fit from home or stay calm during the chaos, these tips and resources can help you stay productive and healthy!

Managing Your Priorities

Having trouble crossing off everything on your to-do list? Here are tips for setting your weekly priorities so you can end your week with a clean slate. Want more productivity tips? Find them here.

Staying Fit from Home

Keeping in shape from home can be difficult, especially if you’re used to using the campus gym. With the proper form, push-ups are an effective exercise that work multiple muscle groups. They’re one of many health-boosting exercises that can be done at home and with no equipment. Check out this playlist for more!

Finding an Inner Calm

Many students struggle with anxiety and stress during college, and in the middle of a pandemic, those feelings can become overwhelming. While meditation can’t take the place of professional help or medication, it can still be helpful for anyone in these stressful times. Check out this easy guided meditation to decompress, and find additional meditation exercises here.


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