The Skills Students Need to Succeed in the College Success Center

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The opportunities in college are endless: from choosing classes, sleep schedules, having a social life, extracurricular activities, you name it! But if managed incorrectly, a student’s college experience can become stressful.

With the new College Success Center, Cengage Unlimited student-subscribers can access dozens of skill-based activities to confidently tackle their semester and avoid an overwhelming college lifestyle. No need to travel far either, students will find the College Success Center in the new enhanced navigation, along with the rest of their academic Cengage courses.

What Skills Do Your Students Need to Master?

Daily routines can be challenging during college. Focusing on overall wellness, time management, and avoiding too much screen time are all areas I feel I can improve on while at school. I can easily find these courses and others covering the specific topics I seem to struggle with in the College Success Center.

After taking a 5-minute Choosing What Not to Do course, I found the necessary skills for creating a proper balance of workloads, and how to build more breathing space in my life.

Where Are Your Students in Their Semester?

From the beginning to the end of the semester, a lot can change. Accumulating more course-specific work, staying motivated across multiple responsibilities, and avoiding burn-out are all challenges students may face throughout 18-weeks of school.

With student success as the focus, the College Success Center recommends students with courses that are applicable to different time periods during school.

In the beginning of the semester, I’ll search for courses focused on creating organized routines, study skills and practical time management. By the end of the semester, I find myself using modules focused on test preparation, creating great presentations, and staying motivated. These courses are organized well and will keep students focused on which skills are necessary to improve during that portion of the semester.

Why Cengage Unlimited?

With the convenience of the Cengage Unlimited subscription, students can take these modules with minimal time investment and effort. Also, instructors can recommend activities that will help their students in their classwork and college experience.

Learn more about the College Success Center and other perks that come with a Cengage Unlimited subscription here.

This post was authored by Andrew Boeres, a senior at Wittenberg University and intern for Cengage.