eTextbooks vs. Print Textbooks: Pros & Cons [INFOGRAPHIC]

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John Kennedy is a writer at Cengage who wants to help make teaching and learning easier for everyone. When he isn’t writing, he’s likely strumming a guitar, revving up a motorcycle or taking in a nice view.


With a strong push from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shift to online learning, eTextbook use among college students has grown significantly in recent years. More professors are recommending eTextbooks to their students, and more students are embracing them. While the preference for print or digital hinges largely on a student’s individual learning style, there are concrete advantages and disadvantages to each.  

If you’re considering recommending eTextbooks to your students but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for your course, check out this infographic that weighs the pros and cons of both eTextbooks and traditional print textbooks based on current data from a variety of sources.