Finding a Healthy Balance Between Personal Life and Learning [SUCCESS STORY]

MindTap Student Success Story Image
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With the high cost of tuition and living expenses, study abroad student, Qiyu Shu had to pass all of her courses the first time around. In addition to this financial stress, she—like so many other students—was faced with the shift to fully online learning mid-semester due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Like many students new to online learning, Qiyu struggled to find a healthy balance between her online schoolwork and her personal life. She worried this new learning environment would make it difficult to focus and manage her time properly, ultimately leading to missed assignments and poor grades.

Despite these initial challenges of online learning, Qiyu was able to stay focused and organized and excel in her classes—thanks to the help of the digital learning tool, MindTap.

Read on to discover how the unique layout and intuitive feedback of MindTap kept Qiyu on task, making online learning easier.