Flash-free Graphing and NumberLine Tools

WebAssign NumberLine Tool
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We’re excited to announce that the new Flash-free graphing and NumberLine tools are available for 2020 courses. Keep reading to find out what’s changed and the positive impact it will have on you and your students:

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What’s Changed?

webassign graphing tool

Students are no longer be required to download Adobe Flash to use the Graphing or NumberLine tools and the ‘download Flash’ prompt will soon disappear.

If your students have previously used these tools, they may also notice a different experience while interacting with them.

What Does This Upgrade Mean for Students?

By removing Adobe Flash and upgrading to a new technology (JavaScript), students will notice improved functionality and a better user experience.

How Will This Update Impact My Assignments?

The new tools will automatically be enabled for Spring 2020 courses and assignments. If you’re re-purposing an assignment from an earlier semester that used the Flash-based tool, it will be automatically upgraded – you will not need to update, rework or change your existing assignments in any way.

Need Help Or Support?

If you need instructions on how to use the tool, visit our Graphing or NumberLine tool help links. If you’re unable to find what you need on the help links, please contact support.