How to Make Your Course More Accessible [eBook]

How to Make Your Course More Accessible
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The topic of accessibility is an important one for instructors to consider when designing their course and creating materials. Students with disabilities are protected under the ADA, but many feel like universities could be doing more to support them.

You can start helping your students by taking the time to learn about accessibility. We’ve created an eBook with detailed information on supporting students with disabilities and tips on making your course accessible. Topics covered include:

  • The American with Disabilities Act and how it defines disabilities
  • People-first language and how to talk about people with disabilities
  • How to talk to students with disabilities about accommodations
  • Accessibility best practices for web, course documents, screen readers, Zoom calls and more

You’ll also get a free Accessibility Checklist at the end of the eBook for you to reference when building content for your course.