MindTap Leads to a Higher GPA in Business Law Course [CASE STUDY]

MindTap Case Study
Business LawMindTap
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Professor Daniel Rhem noticed a majority of his Business Law Course students weren’t engaging with his traditional course assignments. He needed fresh, meaningful measures that would spark student engagement, increase participation in case problems and enhance critical-thinking skills.

Professor Rhem found all that and more with MindTap. Using MindTap, students became motivated—they actively prepared for class, finished assignments and overall, improved performance. At the end of the semester, homework completion increased by 12%. Additionally, MindTap made grading more efficient, giving Rhem more time to focus on student needs—a bonus he wasn’t expecting.

Take a deeper dive into how MindTap provided Professor Daniel Rhem with new ways to increase student engagement and performance, while decreasing his grading workload, in his Business Law Course.