MOSS 3.0: Helping Students Get Hands-On Learning in a Virtual Classroom [SUCCESS STORY]

Amanda Beaman MindTap MOSS 3.0 Success Story
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Maintaining good grades, affording course materials and balancing school and social activities are the primary challenges for some students. For Department Chair Amanda Beaman, her students often face quite different challenges.

A large percentage of Beaman’s students are parents, caregivers and/or full-time workers. Their greatest concern is finding time to succeed in school while maintaining many other responsibilities.

When Beaman decided to assign MindTap MOSS 3.0 (Medical Office Simulation Software) exercises, she was happy with the results. She found that it provided students hands-on opportunities to work with electronic medical records systems prior to employment. Plus, MOSS exercises provide instant feedback, helping students learn and grow from their mistakes in a timely manner.


“The MOSS exercises really assist students with implementing real-life skills and knowledge.”    

-Amanda Beaman


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