My Favorite MindTap Feature: Rolling Week View

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Kelly Hinson is an Instructor of Information Technology


I’ve been a MindTap user for several years now, and I’m happy to share my favorite MindTap feature with you: reordering modules using the Rolling Week View. For the course area I teach, instructors have access to MindTap Collections, which is a grouping of titles by an author or multiple authors in one MindTap course. With this, you get a wealth of content to select from. You might find technology concepts modules; multiple modules of Microsoft Office for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more; career information; practice training and exams for the MOS certifications. This amount of content can seem overwhelming for instructors. I don’t always use all of it or use it in the order given, so being able to reorder modules with the Rolling Week View and hide content solves this problem.


Hide Unneeded Content

Hiding content is relatively easy. Just make sure Edit is turned on so that you can see all the content. Start in Outline View; that’s the three lines or “hamburger” hamburger icon in the top middle of the MindTap screen. Then, quickly go through the list of presented items and hide everything you know you won’t use by clicking on the word “hide.” You can also hide items using Batch Actions which will appear at the bottom of the screen any time you select more than one item to edit at the same time.

With all the unneeded content hidden, you can now start ordering all the modules you do need. Since some instructors like the Outline View, you can use “EDIT” on each activity to move it where you want it.

Reorder Content With Rolling Week View

I prefer for my students to use the Rolling Week View. Because the Rolling Week View groups the assignments by week instead of by topic, students find the content more organized. It’s also the easiest way to order the learning path. After selecting my content, I then create a course schedule for the activities. I put this in a Word document for students to access. Once I have determined the due dates, I then use Batch Actions to put the due dates on multiple assignments at the same time. This will move the assignments into the week students should be working on them.

I then select the Rolling Week View. Once you click on this view, you will see the assignments organized by week. To use this view, you must put due dates in MindTap. The due date determines the week that the assignment falls in. Because the weeks in MindTap run Monday through Sunday, you probably shouldn’t put a Monday due date on an assignment.

By using the Rolling Week View, I don’t have to be as concerned about where the assignment falls within the outline of work. Students just work on the assignments for the week presented to them. I also make the Rolling Week View the default. As demonstrated in the video at the end of this post, you do this by selecting Course Settings and Dashboard. Then, click Enable Rolling Week View. From there, you can select a default dashboard view and save your settings.

Can you re-order assignments within the week grouping? Yes, you can. You do it the same way you would if you were reordering from the Outline View. You edit the activity, then change the associated topic or the order within the topic as you need to.

Using Rolling Week View to order content keeps everything simple and direct. That’s why it’s my favorite MindTap feature.

Join Kelly for a walkthrough of Rolling Week View in this tutorial video: