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Expanding K-12 Curriculum to Provide Certification Pathways in CTE and 21st Century Skills

National Geographic Learning (NGL), the K-12 division of Cengage, has partnered with Precision Exams to offer industry-recognized certifications. High school students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs can now earn credentials in more than 170 courses, including health science, building and trades, agriscience, welding, travel & tourism, nutrition and wellness, child development, and 21st Century Success Skills.  The combination of NGL curriculum solutions and Precision Exams certifications supports mastery of key industry standard concepts, with exams delivered in the classroom by a professional high school teacher.

“In the CTE space, there is incredible value in providing students the opportunity to validate and demonstrate their knowledge and skills to potential employers beyond simply showing their grade in a course,” said Vincent Grosso, Senior Vice President of National Geographic Learning. “Helping schools provide a holistic approach to instruction and validation of knowledge and skills objectives will certainly facilitate and assist CTE students in their academic and professional pursuits.”

The collaboration between Cengage and Precision Exams will help districts implement a next-level, industry-aligned CTE experience for students and educators. This partnership aligns industry-leading instructional materials, certifications, and reporting tools to help educators seamlessly integrate validated outcomes into their programs of study.

“Career and Technical Education today is a rigorous amazing environment where innovation, industry and engagement all come together to truly prepare students for the future,” said Edson Barton, founder and CEO of Precision Exams. “Strengthening that connection between what students and educators are doing in the classroom to what industry needs and wants is at the heart of what we and NGL|Cengage do. It’s both our passions. Now, together, we bring world-class services to a wider spectrum of students to enhance their college and career resumes.”

Precision Exams provides the highest quality, easiest to use, and most economical standardized assessment and certification system for the CTE market. Individual exams are reviewed regularly by subject-matter experts from industry and education so certificates are continually up to date and meet the changing demands of the market. In addition, educators receive powerful reporting tools they can use to evaluate their students’ growth and promote program improvement while meeting the Perkins’ requirements for assessment of technical skills.

Through NGL, schools can purchase Precision Exams, in addition to NGL’s market-leading CTE instructional material, offered for more than 100 years.

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