Make Your Precalculus Course Interactive with Explore Its

precalculus explore its
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Are you looking for a way to make your Precalculus course more interactive, or help students bridge the gap between memorization and conceptual understanding? If so, incorporate Explore Its into your Precalculus course.

What are Precalculus Explore Its?

Explore Its for Precalculus are interactive learning modules in which students learn and explore a concept.

How to Apply Explore Its to Your Precalculus Course

precalculus explore its

Precalculus Explore Its are condensed presentations of major topics broken into two tabs to serve a variety of class needs. These tabs include:

  1. Learn: Self-guided instruction and visualization of a topic with narration. In addition to introducing the topic, the video lesson also models how the student is to use the accompanying interactive graphing tool.
    • How To Use It: Break up your lecture and share it with students to enhance understanding or even assign it along with a textbook reading.
  2. Explore: Interactive graphs or figures that allow students to explore and test a topic using simulations and animations.
    • How To Use It: Instructors can use this in place of hand-drawn marker board motions in their lectures or assign corresponding homework problems to encourage students to interact with the topic.

How to Find Explore Its for an Assignment

Precalculus Explore It






To find and add Explore Its to an assignment, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the question browser.
  • Select a chapter and section from the textbook.
  • Choose ‘Micro View’ from the Display Options and click the ‘Update Listing’ button, which will allow you to see all questions included in this section.
  • Find the questions labelled ‘.EI’ or use ‘CTRL+F’ to search ‘.EI’ and quickly highlight Explore It questions.
  • Choose an Explore It question and add it to your desired assignment.

How to Use Explore Its Outside of an Assignment

Students and instructors can access the Explore Its, as well as other interactive learning aids, through their MindTap Reader ebook. Simply click on Media Index after opening your ebook.

Precalculus Explore Its