Professor Streamlines Course with MindTap [SUCCESS STORY]

Image of MindTap Instructor Success Story for Alex Mata
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The technology used to facilitate online learning can sometimes create a lot of extra work for instructors. When Professor Alex Mata started teaching Communication Studies classes online, she found herself spending more time uploading videos, setting up quizzes and linking assignments than creating engaging activities and nurturing student success. That was before she found the simple solutions in MindTap.

Before MindTap, Mata didn’t have a single designated space to host all her digital course materials, including YouTube links, Canvas quizzes and more. Now, she has one place where students can easily find everything they need. Mata has also found that her students achieve better grades because of the low-stakes practice assignments in MindTap.

“Cengage has helped me save time so that I focus on offering meaningful assignments, as opposed to trying to manage an online platform.” – Alex Mata

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