Tips for College Students: Soft Skills for Internship Success

This summer, thousands of students will take the first step in their career and undertake a summer internship in order to develop marketable skills and build their professional network. Internships have become an invaluable step on the journey to career success for many, and while most employers know not to assume a wealth of professional experience from their interns, they will expect their interns to have the soft skills necessary to get along in a professional work environment. “Soft skills” are associated with a person’s emotional intelligence quotient and generally characterize how a person relates to others—essentially, people skills. Read More…

College Internships Work for Students

College internships present numerous benefits. For one, they give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in their courses within a real-world job setting. In addition, students can gain practical experience that they can add to their resume, as well as valuable insights and advice from their supervisors. Some interns receive another key benefit: a job offer upon graduation.

All this being said: Do college students believe that the opportunity for internships contributes to their satisfaction with the college experience?
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Valuing the College Student Internship Experience

Internships have been part of the higher education landscape for many decades. Students hoping to enter professions such as teaching and health, often require at least one hands-on field experience prior to earning their degree.

However, internships are on the rise in a number of other disciplines as well, including traditional liberal arts fields. As internships spread to a wider cross section of disciplines, they are drawing more attention campus-wide. Discover the benefits and hurdles of successful internship programs.

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