Time-Pressed Student Grows Confident Using MindTap for Nutrition

Time management is a challenge for Rosemary La, who works part-time and is a full-time student at California State Polytechnic Institution in Pomona, California.

How MindTap Empowered Study

Fortunately, MindTap from Cengage boosted Rosemary’s learning efficiency in an online nutrition course. With MindTap, Rosemary could read her ebook and do coursework whenever and wherever. Plus, the dashboard kept her on track by showing upcoming assignments and due dates. “MindTap made me a more confident learner by helping me become more of an independent learner,” she says. “Although the traditional professor/student interaction is a great way to learn, using MindTap helped Read More…

Nutrition Student Nourishes Confidence with MindTap

Neha Parikh, a freshmen at Arizona State University studying Nutrition, builds her confidence studying with MindTap for Nutrition.


A Kinesiology major aiming to be an osteopathic doctor, Neha wanted effective resources to help her retain course content.


MindTap for Nutrution


MindTap videos demonstrated interpersonal interactions that the student will likely face in her profession, and helped her remember and apply what she learned; quizzes aided test preparation and built confidence — and she aced the course.


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Nutrition Course Easier to Swallow Thanks to MindTap for Nutrition

Brittany Roman, a junior at the University of Delaware, found MindTap for Nutrition empowered her to successfully balance classes and life—while still getting good grades.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Brittany, a multi-tasking exercise science major, needed learning resources to support her busy schedule

Solution: MindTap for Nutrition

Result: MindTap enabled Brittany to listen to her textbook while she did other things, and still prepare efficiently for tests; Diet Analysis software was a course focal point, conveniently accessible through MindTap.

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MindTap for Intro to Nutrition Produces Healthy Student Outcomes

As an Intro to Nutrition instructor, you want what’s best for your students… and that includes success in their future careers, as well as in your course itself.

What do students believe will help them succeed? According to a recent report, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors used more technology in their courses.

Would you like to give your students the tools they want (and need) in order to position themselves for greater success? Consider assigning digital in your course. Instructors who “make it count” by assigning MindTap in their courses are seeing increased student success.  Students spend 50% more time working in MindTap if it counts for at least 20% of their grade.

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MindTap™ Engages Nutrition Students with a Steady Diet of Learning Convenience

Katie Ferraro is Assistant Professor of Nutrition at San Diego Miramar College. Like any conscientious instructor, Katie wants to provide her students with quality learning opportunities — but doesn’t have time to “spin her wheels” when it comes to finding out about and using course materials.

Some time back, Katie began to investigate MindTap™ from Cengage Learning, a personalized online learning experience that integrates a variety of multimedia learning resources, all instantly accessible to her students. Read More…

MindTap™ Feeds Steve Ball’s Nutrition Students’ Craving for Interactive Learning Technology

Steve Ball has been teaching Nutritional Science and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri in Columbia since 2002. He uses MindTap™ — which provides a fully online learning experience that replaces a traditional textbook — in his fitness and wellness course. He and his students give MindTap a “thumbs up” for its interactivity, features, ease of use, and affordability. Read More…