Hands-On Kinetic Learning with MindTap [SUCCESS STORY]

Screenshot of Brittanie Lockard, Ph.D.'s success story
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When Brittanie Lockard, Ph.D., was building her General Nutrition and Sport Nutrition courses, she wanted to engage her students with activities they could apply in their daily lives. “As a Kinesiology professor, I am a kinesthetic learner,” she says, “and I believe many of my students are too.”

So, she began incorporating application-driven MindTap activities into her course a few times per week. She put a special focus on the Diet and Wellness Plus app. “It provides such great detail in comparison to the free online platforms available,” she says.

And in the end, Brittanie’s kinetic teaching paid off. To learn more about the difference MindTap made for Brittanie’s students, read her Success Story.