Taking a Holistic Approach to Quality Learning in Higher Education

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of how to effectively keep students engaged in a remote learning environment has been top-of-mind for higher education faculty and administrators. The solution lies in creating a quality learning environment that goes beyond course materials and takes a holistic approach to students’ entire academic journey.

What does this solution look like? Faculty will need options that allow them to translate in-person interactions with students to a digital format. This means institutions will need to find scalable digital resources to ensure accessibility and provide a positive user experience for all students.

“This way faculty can focus on what they do, and that’s forming relationships with their students, sharing content expertise that they have with students, and really helping their students be more successful in those courses,” says Justin Dammeier, Executive Director of Education Technology at Ivy Technical Community College. 



So how can institutions create these quality learning environments online? Check out the full article on Higher Ed Dive for four ideas to help higher education leaders and faculty get started.  

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