The Cengage Unlimited Effect [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Affordability continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing college students today. The high cost of textbooks and other course materials is often cited as a top stressor. Survey data from The College Board reports that the average undergrad at a four-year university spends $1,240 per year on textbooks and supplies. Many students attempt to get around this obstacle by seeking free alternatives, delaying purchases or opting not to purchase the assigned materials at all. Cengage Unlimited is a unique solution that makes learning affordable and gives students the flexible access they want.

What is Cengage Unlimited?

Cengage Unlimited student plans offer easy and affordable access to quality course materials. Students choose a plan based on what materials their professor(s) assigned and pay one price for access. The all-inclusive plan enables access to all Cengage course materials including thousands of eTextbooks, at least four hardcopy textbook rentals, online homework platforms (like MindTap and WebAssign) and more. Students can even access their course materials when and where they want using the Cengage mobile app.

My favorite thing about Cengage Unlimited is that it saves me a ton of money. If I had to purchase all these books individually, the costs would have been significantly higher.”

– Maya Rana – Student, North Carolina State University

Is Cengage Unlimited worth it?

So, are college students are saving money and achieving better learning outcomes with Cengage Unlimited plans? See for yourself in our infographic.