The Cengage Unlimited Effect [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Cengage Unlimited & Affordability | Efficacy & Research
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Affordability is one of the greatest challenges that college students face, and the high cost of textbooks and other course materials is a top stressor. To try and offset the price, many students try to pirate free alternatives, delay purchases or simply don’t purchase their assigned materials at all.

That’s why Cengage Unlimited was created to help students get affordable, day-one access.

What is Cengage Unlimited?

Cengage Unlimited is a cost-saving plan that offers students easy and affordable access to all their course materials for one price — no matter how many Cengage materials they use.

Students can choose a plan based on the materials that their professor(s) assign and pay one affordable price for access. This cost-saving plan offers students complete access to all Cengage online learning platforms (including MindTap and WebAssign), thousands of eTextbooks and at least four hardcopy textbook rentals, plus hundreds of student success and career readiness skill-building activities. Students can even access their eTextbooks when and where they want using the Cengage mobile app.

“My favorite thing about Cengage Unlimited is that it saves me a ton of money. If I had to purchase all these books individually, the costs would have been significantly higher.”

– Maya Rana – Student, North Carolina State University

Real Student Results

Since 2018, students have saved hundreds of millions of dollars on course materials. But students aren’t the only ones seeing a huge impact — eight out of ten instructors recommend Cengage Unlimited due to its low cost.

Read the full Cengage Unlimited Effect study and learn more about how Cengage Unlimited is making an impact for students and instructors alike.