Where Are College Students Saving the Most on Textbooks?

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Published: January 12, 2021


As the pandemic has impacted higher education, affordability has become an even greater focus. Many college students and families are dealing with financial constraints and are questioning if they can afford to pursue education.

Students at Texas A&M University, where Chaitali Botcha is a junior and a Cengage Student Ambassador, have not been immune to the pandemic’s financial impact either.

“This semester many of my peers struggled even more to pay for their classes as their parents lost jobs or they themselves were not able to go in to work due to conditions,” said Botcha. “We’re all just waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to shine.”

Fellow students in Botcha’s Biomedical Sciences program have found some financial relief with a Cengage Unlimited subscription for textbooks and course materials. “As a premed, my fellow peers and I use Cengage tools across many of our science and math classes so one subscription covers our materials, killing many birds with one stone,” said Botcha.

Cengage Unlimited is the cost-saving student subscription that includes access to the entire library of Cengage eTextbooks, online platforms and more—in one place, for one price. A student gets online and offline access to course materials across disciplines, at least four free hardcopy textbook rentals, plus hundreds of student success and career readiness skill-building activities. From August 2018 to October 2020, nearly 3 million students saved more than $270 million on course materials with Cengage Unlimited.

The savings has left some students blinking with disbelief. “I have seen students saving hundreds of dollars at the bookstore and asking the cashier if there was an error. They can’t believe it,” said Gleimy Rodriguez, a senior at the University of Connecticut and a Cengage Student Ambassador. Rodriguez noted that for some students it means extra cash for necessary items like groceries.

Check out the lists below to see where students are finding the greatest value and find out how much students are saving at your school here.



To learn how Cengage Unlimited helps students save on course materials, visit: cengage.com/unlimited/