Two Students, Two Stories of Cengage Unlimited

A screenshot of two case studies: "Biomedical Engineering Student Discovers Cengage Unlimited Covers the Cost Of Her Course Materials" and Student Spreads the Word: Cengage Unlimited is the “Right Choice for All Students”
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No two students’ academic journeys are the same. From shifting majors, to newfound hobbies, to juggling work with school, each student forges their own path as they pursue higher education.

But one thing that many students agree on is that college is too expensive. According to our 2023-2024 Digital Learning Pulse Survey, 70% of students either “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” that the cost of higher education is becoming financially out of reach for them.

Cengage Unlimited was built to help counter rising costs of course materials for students. With it, students can access all their Cengage textbooks for all their courses, all for one accessible price.

Here’s how two students found Cengage Unlimited in their own ways, and how it impacted their academic and financial journeys.

“I can finally breathe”

Hearing the sentence “these are the required textbooks for this course” made North Carolina State University student Maya Rana “scared” because the price of her required course materials was too steep.

But, during the semester, she realized that she had more than one course that used WebAssign, so she signed up for Cengage Unlimited. Afterwards, she found out she had saved “a ton of money,” and felt more relaxed knowing she could complete her courses without worrying about cost.

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“I want to see more Cengage material used on my campus”

Ever hear about something so exciting you just want to shout it from the rooftops? That’s what happened when Gracie Nowlin found out about Cengage Unlimited.

Gracie found affording college to be her “biggest stressor,” constantly applying for loans and scholarships. But after she switched to Cengage Unlimited, she found herself saving money on her course materials. Now, she’s spreading the news to her peers and professors on campus, encouraging both groups to use Cengage Unlimited when they can.

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