Getting Started with WebAssign: Top Resources for Students

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Help students get into their WebAssign course easily to improve their confidence and reduce anxiety by sharing the following resources or including them in your syllabus. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide that will help you identify key course details and the most important shareable WebAssign student resources for a successful start to their semester.

Share: How to Register

Registering for WebAssign is one of the first things students will do for your course, so be sure to give them the right materials. Whether you’re using WebAssign through your Learning Management System (LMS) or requiring students to use a class key, there’s a personalized step-by-step guide to help. Follow the instructions on the Start Strong page, select WebAssign as your digital solution, choose your LMS and confirm whether course materials are covered in students’ tuition costs. Then, you’ll be provided a personalized page for your students. You just need to copy the link and include it in your syllabus.  This will give your students the best step-by-step instructions for purchasing and accessing WebAssign based on your course set up.

Share: How to Use WebAssign for New Student Users

Many students may already be familiar with WebAssign, but if they’re not, be sure to:

  • Introduce them to their WebAssign homepage by sharing this video which provides an overview of the student homepage and shows students where they can find all of their course resources.
  • Direct Students to the Help Guide, which is an important student resource that will answer most of their questions about WebAssign including detailed how to’s for specific features like Class Insights.
  • Schedule the Getting Started with WebAssign assignment available in your course pack or accessible through ‘free additional resources’ to ensure students know how to use the platform.

Share: Key Features & Resources for Success

Below we’ve compiled the top five features to share with your students to keep them on track throughout the semester. Incorporate these into your syllabus as student tips for using WebAssign.

Share: Where Students Should Go for Help

  • Call for Tech Support: 1-800-354-9706
  • Submit a request (don’t forget to log in first!)


Looking for More WebAssign Tips?

Keep in mind the following resources that are available to you.