My First Semester in WebAssign: A Faculty Perspective [VIDEO]

first semester in WebAssign
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ever wonder what it would be like to use WebAssign for your classes? We’ve asked instructor and Faculty Partner Brien Dunn to document his semester to show you what it’s like to use WebAssign for the first time.

Watch each episode below as Brien navigates his first semester in WebAssign.

Episode Overview

  • Week 1 Introduction: Meet Brien Dunn and watch as he takes an interesting flipped classroom approach in Canvas. Plus: Brien shows us the student support available within assignments.
  • Week 2 Enhance Student Success: Brien introduces Concept Checks and explains how you can use them to increase student understanding.  He also tackles student engagement and how he’s used WebAssign to help his students improve their course grades.
  • Week 3 Customizing Your Course: Watch Brien explain how he uses WebAssign to help students prepare for midterms. Brien also demonstrates how he incorporates own custom content into assignments.
  • Week 4 Addressing Student Performance & Affordability with WebAssign: Watch as Brien demonstrates how he uses My Class Insights in WebAssign to analyze student performance. Plus: He provides a real-world example of how he’s addressed affordability at Louisiana Delta Community College with Cengage Unlimited.

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