WebAssign Increases Retention in Astronomy Course [Case Study]

Preview image of the WebAssign case study, "Instructor’s Use of WebAssign Astronomy a Universal Success"
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Instructor Mark Montgomery needed an online learning platform that would keep both majors and non-majors engaged with his Astronomy course. Knowing that the quality, affordability and functionality of the platform he chose would play a major role in reaching that goal, he started researching potential options.

That’s when Montgomery stumbled upon WebAssign. He found the platform easy to use and that the WebAssign Astronomy course teaches science and math skills valuable for STEM and non-STEM majors alike. Mark also noted it was far easier to grade and extend due dates in WebAssign than it was in his previous online learning platform.

“This is a completely online lab, so I must have experiments and data that students can work with at any time of day or night. The WebAssign content allows this to be done on the student’s schedule.” – Mark Montgomery

He made the switch, and it was a big hit with his students. Montgomery found that at the end of the semester, his Astronomy course’s drop, fail or withdraw rate decreased by 75%. He also saw an improvement in final grades and got overwhelmingly positive feedback from his students about how easy WebAssign was to use.


Take a deeper dive into how WebAssign helped Mark Montgomery deliver an engaging and seamless online learning experience to his Astronomy students.