Address Readiness Gaps with WebAssign Learn It Modules

Address Readiness Gaps with WebAssign Learn It modules
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Students enter college with a wide range of math expertise, as well as a variety of gaps in prerequisite knowledge. This year, those gaps are even more unpredictable than before due to COVID-related learning loss. This makes it challenging for instructors to support each student and still teach the required course learning objectives.

Many solve this problem with adaptive technology, which can dynamically deliver content based on student performance. However, this approach poses challenges. First, students can get stuck in adaptive loops, unsure of how they reached a learning objective and how to move on. Additionally, students may perceive remedial exercises as punishment. This could create an incentive for students to cheat to make it through their homework faster.


Address Knowledge Gaps with New WebAssign Learn It Modules

To address this challenge, Learn It modules are now available in Developmental Math and Math corequisite courses in WebAssign. These mini lessons address your students’ knowledge gaps with just-in-time instruction in a variety of formats to align with their preferred learning style. Students have the option to read about a concept, watch a short video, walk through a problem step-by-step, or just get some extra practice.

WebAssign Learn It modules offer support for a variety of learning styles including reading, a lecture video, tutorial and practice.
Learn Its use multiple formats to help build student understanding regardless of their learning style.


Personalize Remediation with the Ability to Go Deeper

Learn It modules can help students answer a question with a specific learning objective. Students often have prerequisite skill gaps that are deeper than the topic in front of them, though. To address underlying knowledge gaps, 621 learning objectives spanning basic Math through intermediate Algebra have been mapped out and connected to provide deeper remediation if a student needs to go further back in the Math sequence. A large number of Learn It modules in WebAssign will prompt students with a “Need More Help?” box which allows students to go deeper, with more remediation to prepare them for the concept at hand.


Visual of the process of topic mapping done to identify the prerequisite skills needed to understand each topic.
Visual of the topic mapping done during Learn It creation. Don’t worry, we did all of this for you!


WebAssign Learn Its in Your Developmental Math and Corequisite Courses

Learn Its appear at the point of need. In Developmental Math, they’re provided as feedback throughout. In Math corequisite courses, Learn Its appear as just-in-time support within prerequisite quizzes.

Developmental Math

In Developmental Math, over 60,000 WebAssign questions tie back to learning objectives. Learn It modules differ from existing help resources in that they don’t give away the answer or provide a “recipe” for students to follow without understanding. The reading, video and tutorial questions in Learn It modules address the concept students are struggling with through a different example problem. Once the concept is clear, students can use their knowledge to successfully answer the original question. You can access a full list of Learn It modules available for your developmental course located in your instructor resources.


Math Corequisites

In Math corequisite courses, Learn It modules will appear in chapter prerequisite quizzes to provide just-in-time support after students have incorrectly answered a problem.

Learn Its will be available for fall courses in the prerequisite quizzes in corequisite courses for Liberal Arts Math & Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra, Precalculus, Algebra & Trigonometry and Finite Math & Applied Calculus. They are not currently available for Statistics.

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